KEY 88

Locked in every position. Adjustable in height.  

NEW! With its precise and absolute stable ULGDS keyboard drawer and large working surface, the UNTERLASS KEY 88 is ideally suited for composing, film scoring and editing – and whenever no 19 “outboard equipment is required.


€ 1782 incl. VAT

€ 1485 excl. VAT

  • keyboard drawer adjustable in height
  • keyboard drawer locked in every position
  • board for the keyboard (steel) only 2mm thick -> maximum space for legs
  • MDF powder coated surface
  • ULGDS keyboard drawer system
  • for heavy master keyboards up to 1495 x 185mm (L x H)
  • keyboard drawer absolute stable, no vibrations
  • cable outlets: top and rear
  • working space: 165 x 70cm
  • in stock (most of the time)
  • download KEY 88 facts sheet
  • nearfield-monitor shelves, steel
  • 19″ Exension Kit: additional 16RUs at the side(s)
  • customization: length, colors, surfaces (e.g. real wood), floorracks on requet
  • table plate: 1574 x 700 @ 784mm (L x W x H)
  • height: 784mm
  • total: 1650 x 875 x 784cm
  • pull out length: 350mm
  • max. keyboard size: 1495 x 400+ x 175 cm (L x W x H)
  • download KEY 88 facts sheet


19″ Extension KIT

The KEY 88 can be equipped with a 19″ extension at any time, even retroactively, resulting in an additional 16 HE for devices, electricity, etc. .. And should the space change, the KEY 88 can be built back again at any time.


further products with keyboard drawer



Increased requests from (film) composers for a keyboard table, which is smaller than the DUODESK KEY 60 – ideally entirely without racks but with lot of work surface and a reasonable keyboard drawer, brought us to develop the KEY 88.

ULGDS Keyboard Drawer

The proven High Tech ULGDS (Unterlass Linear Guides Drawer System) keyboard drawer for large and heavy 88-key master keyboard is also used here. The drawer is adjustable in height, absolutely precise and stable, and locks in any position. So – depending on your application – the keyboard can be pulled out as far as needed.

The board made of steel for the Keyboard is only 2mm thick, which means a maximum of space for the legs, and not wasting space like using 20mm wooden boards.

Adjustable in height

The keyboard drawer is adjustable in height, so it can be set to your specific keyboard without wasting space. The positions are 93, 108, 123, 145, 160 and 175mm.


The table is made of powder coated MDF. This ensures a durable, scratch and impact resistant surface.


Changes in size, color, surface (e.g. real wood surface) or floorracks can be one on request.

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