DUODESK 60 master

The DUODESK 60 with additional 10RU within the sweet-spot


Providing another 10RU in the sweet-spot, the DUODESK 60 master is perfect for editing, mix and mastering

from € 3624 incl. VAT (20%)

from € 3020 excl. VAT


  • Cable management
  • Cable outlets: top, side, back
  • Elaborately coated surface of the table legs
  • Open access to the rear sides
  • Up to 70RU for outboard equipment
  • Rackunits top/sideracks: 2 x 10RU (20°)
  • Rackunits floor/sideracks: 2 x 12RU vertical
  • Rackspace back: 2 x 4RU horizontally
  • Backspace sweet-spot: 10RU
  • Configurable in width
  • flexi+20: extension of width +20cm
  • flexi+50: extension of width +50cm
  • custom flexi: extension of width 
  • deluxe: wooden finish „zebrano“
  • white: no extra charge
  • nearfield monitor shelves, steel
  • Rackablage: 4RU rack shelf: for topracks
  • color: individual RAL color of the legs
  • Controller integration on request



suits to this side rack




The DUODESK 60 is also available wider, without top racks, colored and wooden finish


wider (flexi)

until +50cm for displays

UNTERLASS DUODESK 60 cutom master