Frequently Asked Questions


Payment has to be done via bank transfer in advance. You get the IBAN / BIC codes from us.

How will the furniture be delivered?

Every Furniture will be delivered in a wooden box, which has to be opened using a TORX TX 20 Screwdriver. Unless otherwise agreed, the transport company unloads the box from the vehicle, but does not carrie further into the home or business premises.

Do UNTERLASS Studio Furniture have to be self-assembled?

Yes, but this is easy. A assembling instruction is provided with the furniture.

How long does the production take?

Production time is 4 Weeks* from order. Since we have too many options and customers modifications, we normally do not have any furniture preproduced or in stock.

*) Please note out production times before christmas:
Orders in week 46: 5 weeks, week 47, 48: 7 weeks, week 49 until week 1/2017: 6 weeks, from week 2: 4 weeks

How long does the delivery take?

Depending on the destination, it takes 2-6 working days*. Customers will get a tracking information from the transport company to be informed.

*) transport times are up to the transport company, and can vary depending on the season (e.g. christmas/new year)

What´s the maximum width of the keyboard using the DUODESK KEY 60?

The keyboard can be up to 170cm wide.

What´s the finish of the DUODESK (KEY) 60 – glossy or satin?

Semi-gloss / satin.

My UNTERLASS studio furniture seems not to be stable?

There´s only 1 reason: If you do not fasten the 4RU rack panels (which are included), the desk may not be as stable as it should be. Those are part of the construction, and also have to be added when selling/buying a table on private market. If you are not sure what parts have to be included, just contact me.

How to clean UNTERLASS studio furniture

Best using a dry microfiber cloth.

What´s the proper handling with cage nuts?

The proper handling of cage nuts is shown in a short video: https://www.facebook.com/120677344645258/videos/841376809241971/

Buying a used UNTERLASS studio furniture - what i need to know

If you are looking for a used UNTERLASS studio furniture (DUODESK 60, DUODESK KEY 60, SINGLEDESK 40, KEY 88), please contact us so we can inform you about the scope of delivery. If important parts are not kept or handed over to you, a furniture may not be assembled properly, which can lead to instability.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any further questions. We will post the answer here