best for mastering and mixing

The UNTERLASS SINGLEDESK 40 is (best for mastering purpose) a masterpiece in terms of ergonomics, acoustic properties, design, modularity and functionality. The SINGLEDESK 40 will be your customers eye-catcher due to its unique UNTERLASS Studio Furniture design.

€ 2808 incl. VAT

€ 2340 excl. VAT

  • available “A” or “R”
  • SINGLEDESK 40A = angular shape (legs)
  • SINGLEDESK 40R = slightly rounded (legs)
  • black or white
  • 3-way adjustable rear table top
  • cable channel: outlets back, sides and down
  • Surface: HPL MDF, black or white satin finish
  • Open access to the rear panel
  • 40 RU Rackspace
  • Topracks: 2 x 12 RU
  • Back: 2 x 8 RU e.g. for power management
  • Modular expandability (see OPTIONS)
  • Optional nearfield monitor shelves
  • Optional extension kit expands SINGLEDESK 40 by 1 full rack (+20 RU)
  • watch the video
  • nearfield monitor shelves (steel)
  • extension kit expands SINGLEDESK 40 by 1 full rack (+20 RU)
  • deluxe: wooden finish (e.g. “zebrano” – or anything else)
  • black or white
  • flexi: wider table plate
  • straight: side racks not angled
SINGLEDESK 40 dimensions

SINGLEDESK 40 dimensions





The SINGLEDESK 40 is also available wider or straight for controller integration


wider (flexi)

until +50cm for displays

SINGLEDESK 40A flexi white



for controller integration




The Singledesk 40 is optionally available with slightly rounded leg shape (R = rounded). In Germany, only SINGLEDESK 40R is available.


Best for mastering purpose. The overall shape provides for greater free moving space  and allows for optimal accessibility of the devices at lower dimensions in width of the SINGLEDESK 40.

Three-level adjustable

The rear tableplate can be mounted in three different heights, for having screens and other devices such as small cubes in the desired position.


The SINGLEDESK 40 offers a total of 40 rack units of space for your equipment. 2 x 12HEs at the top and additional 2 x 8 RUs at the back for power Management or other devices that are not necessary to be in close reach.

Cable Channel

The SINGLEDESK 40 provides a cable channel located under the table plate which is easily accessible, and offers cable outlets backwards, sideways and downwards.

Metamorphosis meets modularity

The SINGLEDESK 40 is modular in design. By omitting the table top and cable channel, the SINGLEDESK 40 can be transformed into two independent SIDE RACKS, which results into a completely new workingplace for mastering purposes. In addition,  expansion kits can be purchased at any time, which expands the SINGLEDESK 40 by 1 full rack (+20 RU) per kit.

Colors & Finishes

The SINGLEDESK 40 is available in black, white and DELUXE (wooden finish, any combination is possible here).

Expansion Kit (optional)

Expansion Kits will complement the SINGLEDESK 40 for at least one additional siderack (+20 RU per Expansion Kit). The upgrade kit consists of 1 x Inside leg with symmetrical bore holes, 1 x aluminum profile, 1 x small table plate, 1 shelf and all associated rack rails, screws and panels. The extension can be performed at any time and quickly without the need of disassembling the entire SINGLEDESK 40.

Erweiterungskit SINGLEDESK 40

Nearfield monitor shelves (optional)

Additional shelves for nearfield monitors  (optional) can be mounted on the side racks to avoid the need of extra monitor stands.

Nearfieldablage SINGLEDESK40

SINGLEDESK 40 materials


We are happy to fulfill all desired custom requests from width and angle compilation to – as far as available on the market – finishes and surfaces…


other products without keyboard shelves



suites to the following stand alone rack